Vanitas paintings – Años de los Muertos

Años de los muertos is a series of Vanitas oilpaintings by cornelia es said. Vanitas paintings have a long tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages. Skulls were and are the ultimate symbol of impermanence – and in times of a global pandemic and ongoing brutal wars nearly everywhere on earth there are more deaths than ever. This series of skulls is dedicated to all those who succumbed to illness, hunger or war and to their loved ones.

Digital reproductions of some of the original oilpaintings will be minted as #NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain: one of the most eco-friendly crypto-currencies. Cardano works with a PoS-protocol (proof-of-stake) that doesn’t need huge amounts of energy to mine the currency. Instead transactions are verified by other, already trusted, transactions. If you are interested in buying NFTs, please head over to KrautART.

If the buyer of the original works is interested, I will happily mint the corresponding NFT as a certificate of authenticity. NFTs are Imho THE coming proof of genuineness for the future of physical artworks.

Años de los Muertos - War Vanitas: oil on canvas, 40 x 60 cm
Años de los Muertos – War Vanitas: oil on canvas, 40 x 60 cm